Why Are My Mums Turning Brown? (How To Save Them)

Why Are My Mums Turning Brown

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums or chrysanths, are beautiful bright florals that are easy to grow and maintain. They are popular garden flowers, but they also often feature in bouquets or as houseplants. There are so many varieties of mums to choose from – in an array of different shapes and colours (pink, red, orange, … Read more

A Guide To Growing Hyacinths From Seed

Growing Hyacinths From Seed

Hyacinths are spring-blooming perennials that are native to the eastern Mediterranean area. Modern varieties of hyacinths are developed mostly from Holland. Hyacinths may be small, but they are available in many colours and they provide tremendous fragrance. Hyacinths can be grown indoors and outdoors following proper preparation and care. Hyacinths are a perfect choice for … Read more

Why Is My Aloe Plant Growing Horizontally? 4 Main Reaons

Why Is My Aloe Plant Growing Horizontally

Depending on the species, certain Aloe Vera plants will naturally grow sideways toward the bottom. This is how they develop naturally. Indoor plants gravitate toward sunshine in order to perform photosynthesis. So if your Aloe Plant is growing horizontally, this may be why! Other explanations may exist, but this is the most typical. Let’s take … Read more

How To Harvest Cabbage: An Easy Guide

How To Harvest Cabbages

Cabbages are one of the easiest crops to grow – you can grow them in the ground or in containers. The best part is you can get a cabbage harvest all year round. Cabbages can survive almost all kinds of conditions except for harsh frost, which makes them an excellent crop for your garden. While … Read more

Do Aloe Leaves Grow Back?

Many people will grow Aloe Vera because its great for decorative purposes and they like the look of this succulent plant, but others choose to grow aloe for its healing properties. It’s a popular choice as a houseplant as it is relatively easy to grow and fuss-free! However, in order to use Aloe for skin … Read more