Why Are My Bell Peppers Turning Black?

Why Are My Bell Peppers Turning Black?

Nothing beats homegrown fruit and vegetables. And bell peppers are not only a firm favourite for gardeners, but they’re also relatively easy to grow. Not to mention the fact that they are delicious when harvested and served in a salad or a stir-fry! But, despite being quite simple, growing bell peppers doesn’t come without its … Read more

Do Worms Eat Eggshells?

Do Worms Eat Eggshells

Worms are funny little creatures aren’t they? While they may not be loved by everyone, they can certainly be a gardener’s best friend. Worms are awesome at composting and you may be wondering how you can help them do their job even better. People often add eggshells to a compost bin, and there are two … Read more

What Are The Little White Balls in Potting Soil?

What Are The Little White Balls in Potting Soil

I’ve also wondered what the little white balls in potting soil are. When I was small, I thought they were bugs. But as I got older, I figured they must have some nutritional value. However, it was only recently that I looked into it properly. I figure I’m probably not the only one wondering what … Read more

How Long Do Succulents Live?

How Long Do Succulents Live

As you may have noticed from my bio, I have a terrible habit of killing houseplants. Try as hard as I may, they just never seem to thrive. Now, part of the problem is probably having cats and how this means I can’t really use my windowsills for plants, but the bigger issue really is … Read more

20 Beautiful Flowers Beginning With A

flowers beginning with A

There’s nothing more annoying than knowing the letter a flower starts with, but not being able to remember the name. I’ve had to take to Google so many times to save my frustrated brain as I desperately try to remember the flower I’m referring to. Luckily for you, I’ve pulled together this helpful guide with … Read more