Why Is My Aloe Plant Growing Horizontally? 4 Main Reaons

Why Is My Aloe Plant Growing Horizontally

Depending on the species, certain Aloe Vera plants will naturally grow sideways toward the bottom. This is how they develop naturally. Indoor plants gravitate toward sunshine in order to perform photosynthesis. So if your Aloe Plant is growing horizontally, this may be why! Other explanations may exist, but this is the most typical. Let’s take … Read more

Do Aloe Leaves Grow Back?

Many people will grow Aloe Vera because its great for decorative purposes and they like the look of this succulent plant, but others choose to grow aloe for its healing properties. It’s a popular choice as a houseplant as it is relatively easy to grow and fuss-free! However, in order to use Aloe for skin … Read more

What Are The Little White Balls in Potting Soil?

What Are The Little White Balls in Potting Soil

I’ve also wondered what the little white balls in potting soil are. When I was small, I thought they were bugs. But as I got older, I figured they must have some nutritional value. However, it was only recently that I looked into it properly. I figure I’m probably not the only one wondering what … Read more

How Long Do Succulents Live?

How Long Do Succulents Live

As you may have noticed from my bio, I have a terrible habit of killing houseplants. Try as hard as I may, they just never seem to thrive. Now, part of the problem is probably having cats and how this means I can’t really use my windowsills for plants, but the bigger issue really is … Read more