About Us

Venus Gardening is a passion project that was created to honour the beauty of gardening.

It was born of a learned love of gardens, passed down through the generations. 

No matter your skills, or the space you have available, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of gardening and growing your own produce.

There is a unique tranquility you can achieve by connecting with the land and getting your hands dirty as you plant new seeds.

It’s true that gardening is great for your mental health - something many of us found during lockdown.

And there’s real joy in eating food that you’ve nurtured from seed too - and being able to share this with your loved ones.

This site shares top tips on growing fruit and veg, planting flowers, and caring for houseplants.

As concerns for the environment grow, it’s important we minimise our waste and, where possible, focus on more sustainable living. As such, you’ll also find a whole section of this site dedicated to composting.

So whether you’re a beginner with bulbs or a pro produce nurturer, there will be articles you can dig into.

Happy gardening!

To meet the faces behind Venus Gardening, head to the Meet The Team page.