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Venus Moore


Hi there, my name is Venus. Welcome to my website.

I’ve not always been the most green-fingered person, as much as I’ve tried (I have a terrible curse of killing houseplants, in particular).

But I have always had a love for gardening and the wonders of nature.

From a young age, my grandad took me into his garden and taught me about the flowers – what they were, when to sow them, and how to harvest the seeds.

And this quality time with him was so special.His garden was always beautiful – all year round – filled with gorgeous blooms and climbing plants.

His garden is where I got my love of pansies. I now have to plant these cute little flowers every year in my own garden, and they always make me smile and think of him.

So, I suppose you could say this website is in his honour.

As I move into my mid-thirties, I find myself more eager than ever to enjoy having a beautiful garden.

I’m also keen to grow my own produce where possible and enjoy a level of self-sufficiency.

As well as loving the great outdoors, I also try to live as much of an eco-friendly life as possible. 

And as a result, I’ve found I absolutely love composting! But, much like my first foray into gardening, my initial attempts at composting weren’t so great.

And I’m definitely still learning. I wanted to share this journey with you by taking it back to basics and learning from the ground up, so to speak, about creating a gorgeous outdoor space and living a more sustainable life.

And hopefully, we can learn together along the way.

To learn more about why I set up this site, take a look at the About Us page.

My grandad sadly isn’t with us anymore, so can’t author any posts, but this website wouldn’t have been possible without him.

So, he gets an honourable place on my meet the team.

Gramps was an excellent gardener. He could grow anything he turned his hand to.

His garden was always beautiful, and he often grew his own produce.

It was a small city garden, but he maximised the space perfectly.

There were flowers of every colour blooming all year round.

And he was well known for growing runner beans, potatoes, and tomatoes.

As a kid, I hated having to eat fresh runner beans from the garden (my nan would often have a ton of them frozen after they were picked too).

As I grew, I began to appreciate the value of growing your own.

A few years after we lost him and had to clear the garden, we found his last batch of potatoes - that really made me giggle. I have a feeling he completely forgot where he planted them.

He was gardening well into his 80s and was a true inspiration.

Here's to you, gramps. Thank you for the tips and tricks (and apologies that I'm not quite the gardener that you were).

But most importantly, thank you for all the fond memories from the garden.

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