Hi there, my name is Venus. Welcome to my website.

I’ve not always been the most green-fingered person, as much as I’ve tried (I have a terrible curse of killing house plants, in particular).

But I have always had a love for gardening and the wonders of nature.

From a young age, my grandad took me into his garden and taught me about the flowers – what they were, when to sow them, how to harvest the seeds. And this quality time with him was so special.

His garden was always beautiful – all year round – filled with gorgeous blooms and climbing plants.

His garden is where I got my love of pansies. I have to plant these cute little flowers every year in my own garden, and they always make me smile and think of him.

So, I suppose you could say this website is in his honour.

As I move into my mid-thirties, I find myself more eager than ever to enjoy having a beautiful garden.

I’m also keen to grow my own produce where possible and enjoy a level of self-sufficiency.

As well as loving the great outdoors, I also try to live as much of an eco-friendly life as possible. And, as a result, I’ve found I absolutely love composting! But, much like my first foray into gardening, my initial attempts at composting weren’t so great. And I’m definitely still learning.

I wanted to share this journey with you by taking it back to basics and learning from the ground up, so to speak, about creating a gorgeous outdoor space and living a more sustainable life.

And hopefully we can learn together along the way.