A No-Nonsense Guide To Growing Cilantro From Cuttings

Growing Cilantro From Cuttings

If you’re looking to add a burst of fresh, zesty flavour to your dishes, cilantro is undoubtedly a must-have herb in your kitchen. Known for its vibrant green leaves and distinct aroma, cilantro can elevate the taste of countless recipes. If you’ve recently bought a bunch of cilantro but don’t need to use all of … Read more

A Guide To Growing Cilantro Indoors

Growing Cilantro Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is both practical and rewarding, and cilantro is an excellent choice for indoor cultivation. This aromatic herb is used in a variety of cuisines and is revered for its distinct flavour. Here’s how you can successfully grow cilantro indoors, from start to finish. Equipment And Supplies Before you begin, gather all the … Read more

What is the Best Fertilizer for Runner Beans?

What is the Best Fertilizer for Runner Beans (1)

Runner beans, synonymous with vibrant growth, ornamental blooms, and generous harvests, are a garden staple for many enthusiasts. To maximize their potential, it’s paramount to ensure they receive the right nutrients. So, what fertilizer should grace the roots of these leguminous wonders? A Glimpse Into Runner Beans’ Diet Before wading into the ocean of fertilizers, … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Savoy Cabbages

growing savoy cabbages

Savoy cabbages, notable for their crinkly leaves and rich flavour, offer both a visual and culinary delight. Growing cabbages can be a fulfilling gardening venture, but knowing how to give them what they need is the difference between a sad crop of savoy and a bountiful harvest. Keep reading for my top tips on growing … Read more

When to Harvest Red Cabbage: An In-Depth Guide

When to Harvest Red Cabbage

Red cabbage, known for its strikingly rich hue and robust flavor, graces many gardens with its vibrant presence. It’s not just a delight to the eyes; this vegetable is packed with nutrition, making it a favorite among health-conscious gardeners and chefs alike. However, the key to enjoying the best of red cabbage lies in understanding … Read more

When To Harvest Runner Beans: A Comprehensive Guide

When To Harvest Runner Beans

Runner beans, or Phaseolus coccineus, are a staple in many gardens, loved not only for their decorative flowers but also for their edible pods. Harvesting them at the right time ensures that you get the best flavour and texture – no one likes a stringy bean! But when exactly is the right time? In this … Read more

A Guide To Making A DIY Propagator

DIY propagator

Gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers often look for innovative ways to give their plants the best start in life. One effective method to do so is through a propagator – a special environment where seeds or cuttings can grow in ideal conditions. I remember growing up that my grandad would use all sorts of household … Read more

How To Grow Runner Beans: Top Tips

how to grow runner beans

Runner beans are popular both as a decorative plant and as a tasty addition to the kitchen garden. My gramps always grew them when we were little, so they are a familiar feature in the garden for me. If you’re new to growing runner beans, or you’re a little out of practice, I’m here to … Read more