A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Savoy Cabbages

growing savoy cabbages

Savoy cabbages, notable for their crinkly leaves and rich flavour, offer both a visual and culinary delight. Growing cabbages can be a fulfilling gardening venture, but knowing how to give them what they need is the difference between a sad crop of savoy and a bountiful harvest. Keep reading for my top tips on growing … Read more

When to Harvest Red Cabbage: An In-Depth Guide

When to Harvest Red Cabbage

Red cabbage, known for its strikingly rich hue and robust flavor, graces many gardens with its vibrant presence. It’s not just a delight to the eyes; this vegetable is packed with nutrition, making it a favorite among health-conscious gardeners and chefs alike. However, the key to enjoying the best of red cabbage lies in understanding … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To Growing Red Cabbage

Growing Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is an undeniably attractive addition to any garden, offering vibrant colour, robust texture, and a wealth of health benefits. But growing this versatile brassica requires more than just basic gardening skills. It needs an understanding of the plant’s unique needs, a strategic approach, and timely interventions. In this guide, I’ll share clear, step-by-step … Read more

A Complete Guide To Growing Cabbage Indoors

Growing Cabbage Indoors

As modern living spaces grow smaller and increasingly urban, traditional outdoor gardening is becoming a luxury many cannot afford. However, a green thumb need not be restrained by the lack of outdoor space. Indoor gardening is a flourishing trend, allowing even those in high-rise buildings to cultivate their own green haven. One vegetable that lends … Read more

How To Harvest Cabbage: An Easy Guide

How To Harvest Cabbages

Cabbages are one of the easiest crops to grow – you can grow them in the ground or in containers. The best part is you can get a cabbage harvest all year round. Cabbages can survive almost all kinds of conditions except for harsh frost, which makes them an excellent crop for your garden. While … Read more

How To Grow Cabbage In Containers: An Easy Guide

How To Grow Cabbage In Containers

Do you like eating cabbage and want to grow it yourself but don’t have outdoor space? Then this article is for you! Owing to their small size, cabbages can be grown just as well in containers as they can in the ground, making them perfect for gardeners with limited space. Whether you have little space, … Read more